Norwich CCG finances 2016-17

Norwich CCG has produced a bulletin which shows how challenging the financial situation is right now.

In 2016-17 the CCG will receive £7m more money to spend on local NHS care. This is more than taken up by the costs of increasing demand, population and national 'must-do' spending. We are also proud to be investing more money into the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service as we promised late last year.

But we must still make efficiency savings of £9.7 million - this is the difference between the budget we have and the cost of NHS care in Norwich in 2016-17.

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111 and Out of Hours Service

NHS Norwich CCG today sets out an internal document following unannounced visits to the Norfolk and Wisbech Out of Hours primary care service. It has been made available at the CCG’s Governing Body meeting in public, which is the appropriate forum for quality matters are taken.

pdf Unannounced Visit IC24 111 OOH updated with comments (322 KB)

The CCG is releasing this internal document to assure members of the public that both the CCG and IC24 are aware of concerns, are dealing with them, making improvements and will continue to do so until the Out of Hours service meets the required standards.

Between November and today the CCG and IC24 have been working to investigate all of the issues raised, to understand what was substantiated and what was not substantiated. Improvements are being made where required.

Chief Nurse and Director of Quality at NHS Norwich CCG, Sheila Glenn, said: “The safety of patients is our paramount concern.

“The CCG is assured that IC24 is in the process of making the required improvements. It recognises these will take time, particularly when GP recruitment is such a difficulty. The CCG will continue to seek improvements to the service and is assured that IC24 is determined to deliver those improvements. The CCG is meeting weekly with IC24 to monitor the level of improvement and a senior CCG Governing Body GP and our quality clinical lead are working very closely with IC24 monitoring the progress of actions required.”

Dr Mark Reynolds, Medical Director for IC24 said, “IC24 provides a good service to over 6 million patients and we are committed to working closely with our commissioning bodies and GP colleagues to ensure that the service continues to improve for our patients.”

Carers Rights Day 2015

This press release submitted to the CCG by the Norfolk Carers Agency Partnership

Thousands of carers in Norfolk may be missing out on financial and practical support as they struggle to find and navigate the maze of services and entitlements. This years Carers  Rights Day (20th November) will bring together the county’s carers’ information, advice and support organisations to highlight the need for carers in the county to know their rights and find out about how they can get the help and support they are entitled to.

The Care Act, that came into effect this year, is one of the most significant changes to legislation that gives carers - and anybody who may need health or social care services older people and those who are ill or disabled - the legal right to have details of the local information, advice and help available to support their wellbeing and independence.  Carers have the same rights as others to talk to social and health care services about their own needs – and get an assessment if necessary - and have a say in the way in which services are developed and delivered.

Kevin Vaughan, CAP Manager, says: “Many people who are looking after a relation or friend who is ill, frail or disabled just don’t realise that they are “carers” and so don’t seek the information, advice and support available from local agencies or from social services and the NHS.  They also may not be aware that they can get support from the GP surgery or pharmacy, or from their employer, school or college.   And it’s not just people who are new to caring – even those who have been caring for years may not know their entitlements. We’re aiming to get more local communities to “Think Carer”, to highlight what’s available locally and to provide practical, and emotional, support when it’s needed.”   

Young adults, under 25, who are looking after someone in the family often find it particularly difficult to be recognised and to get the support they need.   

For more information about Carers’ Rights or details of the help and support available throughout Norfolk contact the Carers Agency Partnership (CAP) Helpline on:

Telephone: 0808 808 9876,  Website:;  Twitter: @CAPNorfolk  Facebook CAP Norfolk.   

Young Carers/Young Adult Carers   

Norfolk Carers Support covers the whole of Norfolk and offers someone to talk to, a chance to meet other carers:   Telephone: 01603 219 924 

Norfolk Young Carers Forum is open to young carers 11-19 years of age:   #NYCrights  Twitter:   @NorfolkYCForum    Facebook:  Norfolk Young Carers Forum  Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel: 07842 534758.

Boom! young carers  offer opportunities to young carers, under the age of 18, to take part in positive activities in a group setting. The service is run by The Benjamin Foundation and is funded by Norfolk County Council.   Tel 0788 024 2374; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Patient advisory panel - easy read

We have published ‘easy read’ information for people with learning difficulties, to help them join its new patient advisory group.

We are forming a Patient and Community Advisory Group and we're looking for volunteers to share their experiences and insights. The group has been designed by working with patients and voluntary organisations.

Transformation plans for children and young people’s mental health services

Improved and expanded mental health services for children and young people across Norfolk and Waveney are in the pipeline.

The NHS is planning to invest an extra £1.9m million per year in Norfolk and Waveney to transform access and support for children and adolescent’s mental health services (CAMHS). It is part of a national funding pledge that is recurrent – meaning the new money will be made available year after year.