Norovirus (tummy bug) - let's stop it spreading

If you have an upset tummy (sickness and diarrhoea) it could be Norovirus. Most of us can 'self-care' - drink plenty of water and rest. Paracetamol may help, if you can take it.

Please do not spread it: Wash your hands with hot, soapy water, disinfect surfaces that infected people have touched, and do not share towels or flannels. Stay at home for 48 hours after the last symptom. Do not visit any health centres or hospitals unless you have been told to come in, by phone.

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  • Are you eligible for a free NHS flu jab?

    • Flu long term conditions jpegIt's safe.
    • It's the best way to protect yourself against flu.
    • It's free if you're in an 'eligible' group 

    Flu can be very serious, particularly if you are pregnant, have a long term illness or you are older. So ask your GP or pharmacist. Find out more here
  • antibiotics posterPlease don't ask your GP for antibiotics. If your doctor thinks you need them, he/she will precribe them.

    But antibiotics do not work for things like flu and colds.

    We need to reduce our use of antibiotics, so they remain effective. Watch the video!
  • Norwich walk in leaflet 2015.16The Norwich NHS walk-in centre is here for you - 7am-9pm every day. It's great if you need some urgent medical help and you can't see your own GP.

    The walk-in centre is in Rouen Road - opposite the EDP building and across the road from The Mall . Telephone 01603 677500.
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Healthy Norwich innovation grants up for grabs

Healthy Norwich logoCan your community group come up with a really innovative way to help people in the Norwich area lead healthier and happier lives?

Because you can now apply for thousands of pounds of funding from Healthy Norwich, the campaign run by the NHS and local councils to improve lifestyles and promote good health.

The money will fund small projects that encourage and support local people to lead healthier lives. For example to prevent people from smoking, to support their mental wellbeing or help people maintain a healthy weight.

£40,000 is being offered in grants by NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group, one of the partners in Healthy Norwich, in association with Norfolk Community Foundation. If there are enough really good ideas, it will consider making more money available. Each grant will be for a maximum of £5,000 but time is running out, applications need to be in by 5pm on 13th April, 2017.

You can apply online at


Need urgent healthcare? Feel poorly or hurt yourself? Try your community pharmacy. But if it is urgent and you cannot see your GP, call 111 or think about the Walk-in Centre in Norwich or Cromer Minor Injuries Unit. Watch this film to find out more.