YourNorwich ambitions

There are four major elements of YourNorwich:

GP localities

Helping GPs work together in four city clusters in Norwich, each with about 50,000 patients. We'd expect to see shared GP services if Practices desire this.


Building mental health, community nursing, therapy, and social care services around the same localities – meaning more care is provided closer to people’s homes. It will ensure patients receive ‘joined-up’ services based around their needs, rather than based around traditional organisational boundaries. We'd like to see seven day access to some community-based services where possible. For example Case Management for Patients with Complex Health and Care Needs is a service that runs for five days a week but will be extended to seven day working. People with several serious conditions are given much closer support at home to keep them safe and well.


Harnessing new ways of providing care and making the NHS more efficient, and bringing modern information and communication systems to your local NHS services.


Providing more support for self-care, carers, voluntary organisations and communities to deliver support to people locally. The CCG has guaranteed to maintain funding of at least £500,000 a year for the voluntary sector – and increase that where it can.

Within these four elements we also have other overarching priorities to further improve services for patients. We're working with partners over the next few months and years.

Stronger community mental health services

The CCG spends about 15% of its budget on mental health, more than many equivalent CCGs. We want to further strengthen mental health services and make sure they deliver the right care for patients in Norwich. For example the existing Wellbeing Service for people with depression or anxieties is being reprocured to ensure it treats more people in the community.

We would wish to see more support for people or carers facing dementia, linking in with existing organisations and making sure families know ehere to seek help.


More support for patients who are prone to falls

Palliative care

A more integrated range of palliative care services including  specialist community nursing, daytime services, rapid response and 24/7 care

Helping patients take control

Helping patients to manage their conditions by providing better and more accessible information, advice and advocacy. Better use of personal health and care budgets.


Working with a wide range of partners, particularly in the strong Norwich voluntary sector, to improve support for people who care for others in their family or neighbourhood