Governing Body

Future Governing Body meetings in public  

  • Tuesday 27th March, City Hall
  • Tuesday 22nd May, City Hall
  • Tuesday 24th July, City Hall
  • Tuesday 25th September, City Hall
  • Tuesday 27th November, City Hall

Questions from the public should be emailed in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Governing Body is led by local doctors, nurses and lay members:

  • Tracy Williams, Chair (Queen's Nurse) 
  • Dr Chris Dent (GP)
  • Dr Victoria Stanley (GP)
  • Dr Jeanine Smirl (GP)
  • Dr Andy Douglass (GP)
  • John Isherwood (Practice Manager)
  • Pam Fenner (Registered Nurse member) 
  • Paul Fisher (Lay member, Governance)
  • Irene MacDonald (Lay member, Engagement)
  • Dr Neil Ashford (Secondary Care Doctor)
  • Rob Bennett (Lay member)
  • Jo Smithson (Chief Officer)
  • John Ingham (Chief Finance Officer)

The following three senior officers of the CCG attend Governing Body but are not entitled to vote:                         

  • Nikki Cocks  (Director of Operations and Delivery)
  • Karen Watts (Director of Quality)
  • James Elliott (Director of Clinical Transformation)