Sustainability and Transformation Plan

STP imageThe NHS, Norfolk County Council and partners in Norfolk and Waveney are inviting members of the public to have their say about how local health and care may need to change in the future.

We have published:

  • pdf ‘In Good Health’ (328 KB) – a public document that sets out why local health and care service must change in the years ahead to keep them sustainable.
  •  The pdf submission made in June 2016 (2.80 MB) to NHS England about the progress made on developing our Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Norfolk and Waveney. Much of what is contained in this document has already been published within a report presented to the Norfolk Health and Wellbeing Board in July 2016.

Health and social care organisations from Norfolk and Waveney are developing a Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). These plans are being developed in different areas all over England. They set out how services need to change to meet growing financial pressures and demand.

Members of the public, professionals and community groups are invited to have their say to help shape the Norfolk and Waveney STP as it evolves. Go to for more details.

Watch this video for information about how the NHS nationally is tackling increased demand with a finite budgte:


‘In Good Health’ - the case for change in Norfolk and Waveney

The NHS and social care system is one of this country’s greatest achievements, however they face some big challenges.

The population of Norfolk and Waveney is growing, which means there are more people to care for and the type of care that people need is continuing to change, for example, there are more illnesses associated with obesity and the sedentary lifestyles many of us now have. Too often in the past mental illness has not received the same level of priority as physical health, but this is now being addressed.

Norfolk and Waveney also has problems in recruiting appropriately qualified staff across health and social care services.

We have a total budget of £1.6 billion a year for health and social care services in Norfolk and Waveney. However, we are currently spending more than that each year. If we do nothing, over the next five years we would spend £440 million more than we have.

All NHS organisations, Norfolk County Council and other organisations are working closely together to make sure that health and social care services continue to be safe, sustainable and delivered close to home in the face of these challenges.

Our vision is to support more people to live independently at home, especially older people and those with long-term conditions with high quality services.

Our three main areas of work are:

  • Supporting people to keep themselves healthy and well
  • Enabling more people to live independently
  • Reducing the pressure on our hospitals

Our next step is to consider what we could do to tackle the challenges we face in these three areas. We also know that people are the greatest untapped resource in health and social care. So we want patients, carers and local people to be involved in the key decisions we will need to take. We want to work more closely with local councils and the voluntary sector that are also key to helping us to make the necessary changes.


pdf In good health (328 KB)

pdf NW STP June 30th Submission and Appendices (2.80 MB)

pdf STP national Q&A June 2016 (1.21 MB)  

document Norfolk and Waveney Principles of Care (63 KB)

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Delivering the Five Year Forward View planning guidance –

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