Proposed merger of 5 CCGs

The five Clinical Commissioning Groups in Norfolk and Waveney are considering coming together into one merged CCG. We have considered this very carefully and believe there are very clear advantages to our patient population, member practices, partners, and to our staff.

Following an extensive engagement exercise we have applied to NHS England and Improvement to merge.

The engagement exercise ran from August 6th - September 6th 2019 and consisted of a public survey, direct contact with a very wide range of stakeholders and partners seeking their feedback and meetings with our member GP practices.

Engagement Outcomes

The engagement report is available to pdf read here (618 KB) .  It was discussed in public by the CCG Governing Body on September 24th.
What the CCGs will do as a result of what the engagement told us is laid out in a pdf You Said, We Will document (618 KB) . This is also available in pdf Easy Read (710 KB) .