AGM - July 25th 2017

We are holding our Annual General Meeting next week. The AGM is in the Council Chamber of Norwich City Hall on Tuesday, July 25th; it begins at 12.45pm and lasts for an hour. Members of the public are welcome to attend.
As well as the formal business of presenting the annual report and accounts, we will publish a summary of our annual report, which describes the work, achievements and challenges for the NHS in Norwich during 2016/17.
There will be a review of the year with presentations on some of our important transformational work and there will also be time for questions from the ‘floor’.
Looking back over the past year will focus on Healthy Norwich and the Norwich ‘New Model of Care’ - a vision that is taking shape and being implemented right now – to ensure the NHS can meet growing demand and provide better care for patients. The ‘New Model of Care’ brings together many innovations that are already well underway and providing care to Norwich residents. They include HomeWard (caring for patients safely at home rather than in hospital), the Norwich Escalation Avoidance Team (NEAT) and the GP alliance called OneNorwich. In mental health, there have been significant investments in a new Admiral Nurse-led dementia service, expanding the Early Intervention in Psychosis service and investments in the eating disorders service for young people. Our successful joint bids for national funding with our neighbouring CCGs and the NHS mental health trust NSFT has enabled NSFT to launch a new community perinatal mental health service in September and a mother and baby unit in Norwich is planned in January 2019.
The Chair of NHS Norwich CCG, Queen’s Nurse Tracy Williams, said: “We are looking forward to sharing details of the many investments we have made in mental health and physical health services over the past year as part of our determined efforts to continue improving care for our patients.
“We know people want to be cared for at home rather than have to stay in a hospital and we have focused work on new and innovative ways to support and care for people so that they can stay safe and independent at home. We have also invested in hospital care so that the care and beds are there when people really do need them.”
The AGM will be followed by the CCG’s Governing Body meeting in public from 2pm in the Mancroft Room of Norwich City Hall.