Medicines Review

Norwich GPs and trained pharmacists/pharmacy technicians have been working side by side to undertake a review of medicines prescribed to patients in residential homes to make sure they remain safe and well.

So far about 400 patients’ medicines have been collectively reviewed, in more than 20 residential homes.

Dr David Goldser, from the CCG, said: “Often, patients in care homes have a number of repeat medications which need review and adjustment to reflect their current medical condition”

“We commissioned Practices to carry out a wide scale review across residential homes with the emphasis on the quality of prescribing and safety of patient care”.

Residential home staff are often responsible for ensuring the patients’ take their medicines correctly and during the review pharmacists andGPs have been working with the homes to ensure safe and effective prescribing.

Excellent working relationships have developed with the homes where support and advice by the pharmacists will continue.

The medicines review for residential home patients was commissioned by NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group.

It was undertaken by twelve Norwich Practices, which chose to sign up to the locally commissioned service, together with their pharmacist colleagues

There have been more than 600 ‘interventions’ to change patients’ medicines regimes, which have led to a significant improvement in the quality of care for patients. These interventions have also saved the NHS £11,000 which can now be re-invested in patient care.

Dr Goldser added: “Our GP Practices are currently under a lot of pressure with rising demand for appointments so we were very pleased indeed that many were able to find additional time to take part.

“These reviews also demonstrate the advantage of GPs & pharmacists working together with our residential homes to maintain the best outcomes for our patients”