Proposals for a single management team for the five CCGs in Norfolk and Waveney

The five NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Norfolk and Waveney have decided to create one single team of management and staff. A proposal to formally approve this will be made to each of the CCG’s Governing Bodies when they meet in public in November.

This is not a proposal for a merger, the CCGs would remain statutory bodies and focus on local clinical commissioning. However a single team of management and staff would make commissioning NHS services across Norfolk and Waveney more consistent and efficient.

The Clinical Chairs of the 5 CCGs said: “We believe having one single management team, with one Chief Officer, one team of Executive Directors and one team of staff all working together will lead to greater coherence and consistency and a commissioning system acting ‘as one’ when required, but acting with a local focus where more appropriate.

“This, of course, is already successfully in place in North and South Norfolk, where there is one management and staff team, and two Governing Bodies.”
NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups are responsible for planning and paying for NHS services and ensuring providers of NHS services meet acceptable quality standards.

The Chairs of the CCGs have asked colleagues in their local NHS Commissioning Support Unit to develop an HR process to appoint an Accountable Officer and Chief Finance Officer. External candidates would also be invited to apply for the role as it is a significant change to existing circumstances.
This is Phase One and it would be realistic to expect it to be completed in early 2019. When these two key posts have been appointed to, the CCGs would create a new Directorate structure.

It is also anticipated the Chief Officer (Accountable Officer) of the 5 CCGs would also be the Executive Lead for the Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). The STP is the partnership of 13 NHS and social care organisations in Norfolk and Waveney.

The CCGs are committed to putting in place a fair and transparent HR process for everyone involved although there are no further details of the future staffing structure or roles at this stage.