Successful health improvement service expanded

Norwich CCG, North Norfolk CCG and South Norfolk CCG have awarded NHS Norfolk Community Health and Care (NCH&C) a contract to provide the Health Improvement Service following an 18 month pilot.

The service offers a unique approach to supporting people who attend Emergency Departments for social reasons that impact on their health and well-being because they do not know where else to go for help. The service is demonstrating excellent results both in terms of improving care and showing a hugely positive impact on the local health system.

The service has been developed jointly between NCH&C and the Central Norfolk CCGs and involves close working with health, local authority and voluntary sector providers. Health Improvement Practitioners (HIPs) take a health coaching approach to assist service users and have worked closely with over 300 people. 

The CCGs worked with NCH&C to gather comments from patients receiving support from the service. Feedback showed that using the coaching approach had helped patients to develop better self-management techniques. 

Patients reported that the service had given them:

“A more positive outlook”

“Better self-esteem”

“Increased self-confidence”

“Improved communications skills”

“The ability to manage everyday life tasks independently”

Mark Burgis, Locality Director, Norwich, North & South Norfolk CCGs said: “The scheme has made a really positive impact on lives of the patients who have been supported. Good health relies on a number of factors, many of which might be related to social issues.  The service concentrates on ensuring these patients receive the most appropriate support and help that they need.”

This joint working has resulted in funding being secured for a substantive service going forward, which will allow for the NCH&C Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP) team to expand significantly.  The hard work and dedication of the Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP) team was highlighted when they were selected as finalists in the 2018 HSJ Awards for the category of compassionate patient care.


There is no referral into this service as each patient identified as a frequent attender of urgent and emergency services will be contacted by outreach or by phone and assessed using a personalised approach.