Folder February 2018

Thursday 22nd February, 2018

10.00 – 12.00pm

Westwick Room, City Hall, Norwich, NR2 1NH

This meeting is open to the public. Questions about the commissioning of primary care can be raised at the beginning of the meeting. It is helpful if those are emailed in advance or posted to NHS Norwich CCG Room 203a City Hall, Norwich NR2 1NH. It is recommended questions are submitted a week before each meeting to allow for an accurate response.

There is also an opportunity to ask questions and raise issues about specific items on the agenda. This will happen after the paper is presented to the committee and before the item is discussed, the Chair will ask if any member of the public wishes to speak.

 Chair: Irene MacDonald                                          pdf Agenda (292 KB)

10am to 11.15am


Welcome and Apologies: 


Declarations of pdf Conflict of Interest (21 KB)


Items Exempt Under Freedom of Information Act


  Folder Minutes and pdf Action Log (196 KB)  from December 2017


Chair's Actions


Questions from the public


pdf Primary Care Risk Register (introduction paper) (192 KB)

pdf Risk Register (102 KB)


pdf Primary Care Commissioning Report (234 KB)

pdf Assurance Review of Delegated Primary Care Commissioning (394 KB)


pdf Finance Report (357 KB)


pdf Premises/Estates/ETTF/LDR (167 KB)

pdf GP IT Highlight Report January 2018 (269 KB)


pdf Gurney Surgery relocation: exceptional request for 100% capital funding  (288 KB)


  pdf Quality (263 KB)


  pdf Contracting update (183 KB)

Date of Next Meeting – 26th April 2018 10.00am – 12.00pm



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pdf Agenda NHS Norwich CCG PCDCC 22nd February 2018 (405 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 291 KB)
pdf Item 02 Primary Care Delegated Commissioning Committee CoI (425 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 21 KB)
pdf Item 02 1 CoI Guidance (398 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 84 KB)
pdf Item 04 Draft Mins 201217 (496 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 332 KB)
pdf Item 04 1 Action Log 20 Dec 2017 (2) (406 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 196 KB)
pdf Item 07 NHS Norwich CCG Primary Care Delegated Commissioning Risk Paper (402 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 192 KB)
pdf Item 07 1 NHS norwich CCG Primary Care Risk Register February 2018 (400 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 102 KB)
pdf Item 08 NHS Norwich CCG Primary Care Commissioning Report (430 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 234 KB)
pdf Item 10 NHS Norwich CCG Premises ETTF LDR Paper (427 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 167 KB)
pdf Item 10 1 GP IT Highlight Report January 2018 v1 0 (442 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 269 KB)
pdf Item 11 NHS Norwich CCG PCC Exceptional Paper Feb 18 Gurney premises DRAFT (441 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 288 KB)
pdf Item 12 2018 02 NHS Norwich CCG Primary Care Delegated Commissioning Quality Report (411 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 263 KB)
pdf Item 13 Parveen Mercer Contracts update Jan 2018 (446 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 183 KB)
pdf Item 8 1 NHS Norwich CCG ASSUR Delegated Primary Care Commissioning f (520 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 394 KB)
pdf Item 9 Finance Report at M10 Feb 18 (408 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 357 KB)