Summary Care Records

A Summary Care Record is a secure electronic summary of a patient’s key health information that is available to authorised healthcare staff treating them in the NHS across England.It will initially have information about current medications, allergies and any bad reactions to medicines. Additional information may be added over time if a patient gives their consent.Summary Care Records are especially useful if you visit a different doctor or hospital in the evening, in an emergency or at the weekend, or if you are away from home. More information can be found here

Ask at your GP practice reception about Enhanced Summary Care Records - these contain more details about long term conditions and your medications, meaning you can be treated better and faster. Watch this video for more

Patient Consent Forms (for your GP Practice)

document Summary Care Record consent form (90 KB)

document Jūsų skubaus atvejo priežiūros santrauka (Lithuanian)

document Podsumowanie opieki interwencyjnej (Polish) (105 KB)

document Relatório resumido de saúde (Portugese)

Enhanced Summary Care Records - a video explanation